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Why We Left Mintos | P2P Lending News | P2P Empire

As we have announced in our latest newsletter, we left Mintos at the beginning of the month. Since then, another three lenders got suspended. 🤨

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Here’s a quick overview of the most important events from the P2P lending industry.

0:26 Mintos | Suspended lenders
0:50 Mintos | 2 AMA takeaways
2:37 Viventor | New owners
2:56 Viventor | Suspended lenders
3:07 Viventor | Loan portfolio performance
3:51 PeerBerry | PeerBerry interview
4:18 PeerBerry | High demand from investors
4:54 P2P Empire | Leaving Mintos
5:24 P2P Empire | Mintos liquidity test
7:36 P2P Empire | New articles

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  1. P2P Empire says:

    What do you think about investing on Mintos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments bellow.

  2. First of all thanks for share your thoughts.
    My case is funny because I've bad timing for my Mintos investment I start investing in Jan this year (but hard times born strong man :d).
    For now I'm not stop my autoinvest settings but there is not so much credits that match my strategies but I'm not making and compromises with my strategies).
    So there is cash drag and I'm waiting to recover more founds (without using 2nd market) and if things not getting better I'm also going to reduce my investment.

  3. Dinko Dinev says:

    Mintos has been my no1 platform. Then came the Invest & access. I moved most of my funds on Mintos into I&A and as many many others I now regret that decision. I have in pending payments more than all the interest earned for 2 years. 90% is due to I&A. I plan on greatly reducing my investment on Mintos. On the other hand the new features replacing I&A might not be that bad. We'll see. 😀

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