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Swing Low, Sweet Chariot – LIVE – Julene Minto



  1. A hear you mi bad singer🎤

  2. sounds good everything on point

  3. sound really good…. need a CD out of the studio from you…. mi sister in law sister big up… people please subscribe to my channel thank you… live band and much more entert@inment

  4. When i come back home to Jamaica I would love to watch you sing

  5. A hear you😌🖒💯

  6. " Watch It…"🅰🅰🅰

  7. Adrian Hall says:

    Love it real revival blessings

  8. Adrian Hall says:

    Come down. Musicians holding every note

  9. Tarix Willis says:

    Bless her lord

  10. i would love to play the drums for one of ur songs juelene☺

  11. Listen to her like every single day that God made…..

  12. That voice of a walking angle 😁😁😁

  13. best of the best

  14. you are so bless the world is yours go forth and conquer

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