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Review of the Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform Mintos

In this video, I’ll tell you about the Peer-to-Peer lending platform Mintos that I’ve been investing on for many years now. To learn more about Mintos, I wrote an in-depth review that you can find here:

I’ll show you how you can create an account there, and then start investing in Peer-to-Peer lending loans. I’ll also show you my current returns and how to completely automate your investments.

You can also directly check the Mintos platform:



  1. Thanks for watching this video! Here's a link to the review of Mintos that I mentioned in the video: https://marcoschwartz.com/mintos-review

  2. Hey Marco! Just found your video as I was looking for Mintos. You follow me on Instagram, don't you?

  3. Asim Khan says:

    I hope everyone watching this video realises that MINTOS is a SCAM. Just read the negative reviews on trustpilot. I personally was defrauded by this company for over 6000 Euros. Bewarned. The money you "invest" will never turn up in your account and if it does show up you will not be able to withdraw it. Just invest 5 Euros and see but be prepared to lose your fiver !

  4. Thanks for the video. What is the fee to withdraw money from Mintos?

  5. anton says:

    Interesting video thx!
    Does anyone have experience with the Mintos referral/bonus scheme? I happened to bump into this referral scheme of Mintos, https://www.mintosreferral.com/, which allows you to get an extra 3% on top of your returns (including the secondary market arbitrage strategies) with their referral code to sign up. I was wondering if anyone else has experience with their bonus scheme?? I’m curios if it differs for different investors…

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

  6. If i start out with 500 eur, expecting an avg of 10% interest rate, diversifying and buying only with buy back guarantee, is it possible to make some decent passive income? Thanks in advance

  7. Luis Gomez says:

    Bonjour. Avec quel montant avez-vous commencé?

  8. Hey guys, if you are looking to start on Mintos feel free to use the following referral code when you sign up: 3L5HB2 . It is purely a win-win situation were both of us will make an additional 1.2% on top of our base returns, with their most updated incentive scheme!

  9. awesome video! thank you for it

  10. Great Video, How about the capital income tax when you withdraw money from mintos to bank ( inside EU) .? Do we have to handle the tax yourself according to local tax laws?

  11. mimimaxime says:

    Cc, tu fais comment pour l'imposition en France ?🙄

  12. how to deposit funds with paysepa where is the bank accaunt and IBAN

  13. Hello, can you use a prepaid card with iban to make deposit and withdraw? Thanks

  14. Thank you, Marco, for the great video! Have you ever tried to deposit the money to your Mintos account through Paysera?

  15. Paulo Moniz says:

    I like mintos a lot too.

  16. Hi, thanks for good video. Can you please show an example of depositing money to your mintos account using transwise? I'm not sure where to fill my investor details. Thanks in advance

  17. Is mintos an old one ? Is it not a scam ? Because I heard lending platforms are scams

  18. Thank you. Very well explained.

  19. FrozenArrows says:

    awesome, mintos is great, can you make similar review on divident stocks ? degiro or some site like this that is in europe ? thanks, i am big fan of yours 😀

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