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PORTFOLIO UPDATE APRIL 2020 /Mintos, Bondora, PeerBerry, Reinvest24/

0:40 Mintos
7:43 PeerBeery
9:48 Bondora
16:38 Reinvest24
18:37 Summary

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  1. jarjarbar says:

    indim köyden sehire ve ackim bir youtube kanali … peehhhh de gidindi deeehhhhh

  2. Great content, it is very convenient to see it all on one place!

  3. You just got a new subscriber – me! I follow your reviews

  4. Aimstone says:

    Great channel!

  5. Alfred Gill says:

    My favourite is eCrowdFundr.com, offers crowdfunding tools for P2P lending and donation, rewards, equity, real estate.

  6. John Lewis says:

    All news about P2P lending on one place! Love it.

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