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P2P Lending Income June 2019 – 214€ from Mintos, Bondora, Envestio, Iuvo Group, Grupeer, Crowdestor

My P2P Lending Income and Returns from Mintos, Envestio, Iuvo Group, Grupeer, Bondora Go & Grow, Mintos Invest & Access and Crowdestor for June 2019. Links below!

I’m showing you exactly how much I have invested in each platform, my deposits and withdrawals and my returns for the month.

Bondora Go&Grow (5€ Bonus) ►►
Envestio (5€ Bonus, 0,5% Cashback) ►►
Video Review:
Grupeer ►►
Video review:
Iuvo Group – Request a Referral (Bonus) ►►
Iuvo Group Review (incl. Auto-Invest settings) ►►
Video Review:
Mintos (1% Cashback) ►►
Crowdestor ►►

Mintos Invest & Access vs. Bondora Go & Grow:

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Disclaimer: I am only sharing my own experience. I’m not a financial advisor and you should always do your own research and due diligence before investing.


  1. How was your month? 🙂
    Bondora Go&Grow ►► https://p2pinvesting.eu/bondora
    Envestio ►► https://p2pinvesting.eu/envestio
    Grupeer ►► https://p2pinvesting.eu/grupeer
    Iuvo Group – Request a Referral (Bonus) ►► https://p2pinvesting.eu/iuvo
    Mintos ►► https://p2pinvesting.eu/mintos
    Crowdestor ►► https://p2pinvesting.eu/crowdestor

  2. Is this safe? I know theres risk. Cant they default or take your money? Im not negative, optimistic, you know when you dont have a lot and every dollar or counts? Im thankful you share your experience with this. Thank you.

  3. Any of these platforms accept Australian dollar ?

  4. Nice vid, good transparency

  5. Nice video, subscribed. What about non-European investors like Asian? What are restricted countries on Mintos and others?

  6. Adam Sykes says:

    Nice vid, good transparency. Going to be investing more into the other platforms due to Mintos restricting Brits.

  7. MV says:

    Nice update!
    You could speak a bit slower in my opinion 😛

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