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Mintos: An Updated Review (2019)

Two years ago, Mintos was one of the best, most advanced lending platforms out there, with some seriously strong functionality and performance. Since then, Mintos has grown to become the largest European P2P lending platform. But is bigger always better? In this case, it’s hard to tell. In the last two years, Mintos has made quite a few changes. It’s still a great platform, and users can still expect the same basic functionality. But certain elements of the platform are not as they have always been. So, what’s improved and what’s changed for the worse? Be sure to watch this video to find out everything you need to know about the new, updated Mintos and what it means for your investment strategies.

If you’d like to jump right in — and earn a 1% bonus on investments within the first 90 days — you can go here:

Else, come check out the review of other Euro P2P lending platforms if you’d like to see how Mintos stacks against the others:



  1. Arne R. says:

    What I dont understand about all of this: why would a company pay such high interest rates through platforms like Mintos, when global interest rates are mostly something between 0,5% and 2%??

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