Home » Mintos » Experiment: Coca Cola and Mentos Catch Turtle In Underground Hole | Home Fishing

Experiment: Coca Cola and Mentos Catch Turtle In Underground Hole | Home Fishing

Experiment: Coca Cola and Mentos Catch Turtle In Underground Hole | Home Fishing

Killing animals are not recommend from { Home Fishing } !

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  1. Why the fuck does he have to constantly fucking moan like that though

  2. Que feo y que lastima que la cases

  3. DO you know what is respect ?

  4. FlexBo says:

    Why is this idiot keep making weird sounds.

  5. TheReaLMVP says:

    Dislike this video turtles didn't do anything to you and your killing them your such a but hole

  6. Mano esse cara deve se preso ele podendo isso com os animais quem acha da like

  7. Miriam Riffo says:

    Erees estupido como ases eso con animales tw voy a denunsiar y a publicar para que dejes de aser eso dañas alos animales ni a mis tortugas les ago eso abusas de eyos te denunsio asta romper mi selular


  9. Abdul Kayman says:

    This is horrible.. LETS ALL REPORT THIS UGLY MADNESS ..

  10. Gloria Rojas says:

    Stop hurting animals yall filthy humans all yall want to do is abuse animals go die. We dont deserve animals.

  11. Gloria Rojas says:

    Wtf who ever put a like in this video your trash and you like watching animal abuse, why dont you live in china while your at it

  12. What the what you are literally filling a nesting site of this tortoise
    And you didn't have enough no no you put mentis in it GREAT JOB YOU ARE THE "BEST PERSON I VE SEEN HERE" and don't forget about you taking the tortoises EGGS and did you not know if you wanted to take care of the environment properly you do not randomly stuff a mentis and cocaola into a damn nesting site

  13. I Lee says:

    You're doing such a dumbass thing!! Do you know how did the turtle feel?

  14. hayvanın ne suçu vardı

  15. Aral Bilici says:

    You are a brutal asshole

  16. Ebony Tate says:

    Boy that's animal abuse!!

  17. Пиздец, люди зло. 👿👿👿👿


  19. YasuoScripts says:

    Que chingado hacia una tortuga de tierra en un gueco con agua??!!

  20. UndRscore says:

    How the fuck is this supposed to be genius

    All you did was pour cola into a hole and put some mentos in it


    What a waste of perfectly good cola and mentos. Most importantly the turtle. That poor turtle.

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