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Bondora weekly video summary – 31.08.2016

Portfolio Performance
We went over last month’s Portfolio performance where Estonia still leads the way in loans issued but Spain shows just slightly higher realized rates of return for the year so far (link:

Bondora Mentions
Bondora got some nice mentions from the FT Alphaville Blog (the Financial Times) (link: )and Crowdfund Insider (link: where the CI article went over our Annual Report and the FT Blog went over how we account for loan performance with our lenders. The common theme was praise for our openness and transparency, something we believe all Europe’s p2p lenders should do and thankfully many of them do.

That openness extends to our Statistics (link: ) and Public Reports (link: ) pages where anyone can download the entire loan book and slice and dice it anyway you want.

New Investor Dashboard
Your Investor Dashboard is now more streamlined as well with more easy access to information right from the Dashboard screen. Here is the post on the changes (link:

Phone Support
You can now get your questions answered over the phone in English with new phone support. Support is available with local numbers for 15 countries. Here is the post on our expanded phone support (link:

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