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Bondora weekly video summary – 26.10.2016

Bondora portfolio performance – October 2016
In our portfolio performance post we covered the realized net returns across countries and credit rankings.The HR rating in Estonia has yielded the strongest return across all markets and countries with 31.60%.We looked closer at Spain which leads the countries in cumulative realized returns so far in 2016. The median return across all ratings and all countries in Q2 of 2016 was 17.79 percent. (link:

Weekly industry news roundup
Industry News:
Recently the UK Peer to Peer Finance Association announced that P2P lending exceeded £700 million in the third quarter. The Economic Times wrote an article about P2P lenders forming an association to build a fair practices code. Wall Street Journal has launched an article series covering the rise of passive investing which explores the various aspects of passive and active investing.
Bondora mentions:
This week Bondora was mentioned in P2P-Banking and Crowdfund Insider articles covering our recent decision to remove Primary Market from our user interface. (link:

How does Bondora ensure its operational stability?
In this post we looked at the operational speed and transparency of the Bondora platform. We discussed our model of constant re-evaluation and improvement to better meet the investing styles of our customers. We explained how we embrace agility to quickly adapt to change. We identified our core focus on costs, efficiency and helping investors manage risk. (link:

Primary Market will be removed from the user interface on November 1st
We announced that on November 1st of this year Bondora will remove the Primary Market from the user interface. We’ve decided this because Portfolio Manager offers greater efficiency through automation compared to manually investing. Our process improvements have created a faster environment where all loans are funded before they become visible in the UI. As a result the Primary Market is almost always empty. API users can adjust to this change by reconfiguring their settings to match the changes to the funding process. Our interface allows for speeds up to one query per second. (link:

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