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Bondora weekly video summary – 21.09.2016

Bondora Portfolio Performance – September 2016

In this post we bring you the monthly portfolio performance overview.


• Country level performance continues to be positive and grow across all 3 countries.
• Estonia sees steady and growing rates across credit grades.
• Spain is exceeding targeted rates across the board.
• Finland has double digit interest rates across all grades.


Industry News and Bondora Mentions

Here we looked at the UK for a new platform launch, a raid of 2 platforms in China, and better regulatory clarity in India.
Bondora gets mentioned in a Crowdfund Insider article about participating in creating a „Crowdfunding Best Practices“ for Estonias market.
Bondora also gets a comment in CrowdfundingHubs „Alternative Finance Maturity Index“ report which you can get from the blog post.


How to Track Your Investments from the Cash Flow Statement

Here we look at the Cash Flow Statement. In Cash Flow page you can use simple or more advanced techniques to view the data by many different criterias and data points to get current and historical returns on your investments.
We also provide an example of a basic set of columns/data points that can give you a summarized overview of your investments


Pending Offers and Reserved Offers Explained

This blog post explains the „Pending Offers“ and „Reserved Funds“ featured on Bondora’s Dashboard and their logic and role in the loan sale process.
We also look at what happens to your bids if you are using the Portfolio Manager and then pause it.


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