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AMA (Ask Mintos Anything) with Mintos CEO Martins Sulte, 23 April 2020

On 23 April 2020 from 11:00 to 12:00 CEST, Mintos is hosting a live-stream session for investors with the company’s CEO Martins Sulte.

Join the conversation by asking questions that Martins will reply to during the session. Leave your questions here: or use the opportunity to upvote the already posted questions, in order to move them up the list.

The questions with the most upvotes will have the priority in the 60 minutes session.

Join the conversation!

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  1. SrLedwis says:

    Could you provide some CEO training to Alla K? from Grupeer. I will pay for that!

  2. Was there any mention on Aforti?

  3. Good straightforward answers Martins! Especially about all this "shocking" Finko news which are shared in the internet. Just push forward and rock the crisis 😉

  4. tao player says:

    Why is Mr Sulte only talking about Finko Varks?! There are big problems with Finko UA. Finko UA has been returning several times less then Finko Varks!!!!

  5. Please put subtitles.

  6. dbo49 says:

    What % of the money we invest in a loan originator that goes bankrupt do we get back (estimate)? What did investors who invested in EuroCent get back ? I think Mintos will survive this difficult period and most of the loan originators. The crisis will be over in May or June, people will go back to normal, but we have to be careful.

  7. Test Test says:

    The way this guy was sweating made me try to withdraw my money. But mintos keep just returning the money on the mintos account and NOT send my money to my bank account? Does ANYONE else have this problem?

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